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Malaysia In Ho Ho Cup 1970

     Ho Ho Cup was presented in 1924 by the Ho Ho Biscuit Factory in Singapore and played between Malayan/Malaysian and Hong Kong Chinese. The original cup was lost during World War II. The Malaya (later Malaysia) team could include Singaporean players until 1969. Starting from 1970 onwards, all teams involved were permitted to insert several non-Chinese players. Up until the early 1970s, the Hong Kong team was the "Combined Chinese" team, whereby any Chinese player based in Hong Kong was eligible to play for the team, regardless of his affiliation to either the Hong Kong FA or the Taiwan FA.

     Ho Ho Cup 1970 was held in Hong Kong. The match was between Malaysian Chinese Football Association against Combined Hong Kong Chinese. It was the first time in this Ho Ho Cup that three Malay players were inserted in the Malaysian Chinese Football Associatiom team, they were Zulkifli Norbit, Mazlan Hamid and Nik Salleh Nik Man. Other Chinese players in the Malaysian Chinese team were Wong Kam Fook, Soh Chin Aun, Wong Choon Wah, Foo Fook Chuan, Chow Chee Keong, Eng Kong, Teow Seeng Ho, Chow Yoon Cheong and others. The result of this match was Combined Chinese Hong Kong won against Malaysian Chinese Football Association with the scores of 2-0. Below are some photos, medal and informations of this Ho Ho Cup 1970:-

1970 Malaysian Chinese Football Association emblem. 
Nowadays Malaysian Chinese Football Association emblem.

 Malaysian Chinese Football Asociation officials and players.

Malaysian Chinese Football Association players were happily singging together led by Zulkifli Norbit.

Malaysian Chinese Football Association (left) vs Combined Chinese Hong Kong (right) group photo before the match.

The first three Malay players in Malaysian Chinese Football Association team in Ho Ho Cup 1970. Second from right was Nik Salleh Nik Man, Mazlan Hamid and Zulkifli Norbit.

Malaysian Football Chinese Association player was dribbling against the Combined Chinese Hong Kong goalkeeper.

Malaysian Chinese Football Association players received their runners up medal.

Runners up medal of Ho Ho Cup 1970 received by Malaysian Chinese Football Association. This tournament was also known as Chinese Interport Football Competition.

The runners up medal for Ho Ho Cup 1970 from the back made by Landkef from silver material.

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